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Anthony MoserPosters, social media, wordpress Contact Anthony Posters and Social Media Samples
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Medicare for all, criminal justice reform, basic income
SaVonne AndersonFlyers, posters, social media, logos Contact SaVonne SaVonneAnderson.comFeminism, racial justice, art, food
Brenna CogleFlyers, posters, social media, logos, web design (front end) Contact Brenna BrennaCogle.comLGBT, women's rights, Dreamers/immigration
Mika CribbsFlyers, posters, social media, logos Contact Mika MikaCribbs.com Human Rights // Arts & Culture // Personal and Community Narratives // Multimedia // Multicultural/Multigenerational // Community Building
Peter GriffithFlyers, posters, social media, logos, web design (front & back end) Contact Pete www.yourmentum.com
Nicole AndersonFlyers, posters, social media, logos, web design (front end) Contact Nicole https://nicoleanderson.myportfolio.com/ branding, web design, design, drawing
Thera KnouffFlyers, posters, social media, logosContact TheraTheraKnouffDesign.com
Shawna StewartFlyers, posters, social media, logo, web front endContact ShawnaShawna.design
H. Kapp-KloteSocial media, web front endContact H. Kapp-Kloteaytchkappklote.comqueer and trans issues, prison abolition, cybersecurity
Peter WoodFlyers, posters, logos, web front endContact Peterdesign.petercwood.comSocial justice, LGBTQ, Immigration, Prisoner's Rights
Anthony HobdayWeb design (front end only)Contact Anthonyanthonyhobday.comUX Design, Ease of use for vital services
Joseph BartletonFlyers, posters, social media, logos, web front and back endContact Josephwww.bimeco.co.ukDigital marketing
Shaleenee JadoopatLogos, web (front end)Contact Shaleeneeshaleeneej.comUser interface design
Jessica BalaschakFlyers, posters, social media, logos, web front endContact Jessicajessicabalaschak.comwomen's rights, LGBT rights, racial justice
Omayeli ArenyekaFlyers, posters, social media, web front endContact Omayeliomayeli.com
Women's Rights, Education, Combating Food Waste, Fighting Homelessness, Anti-poverty
Bailey SeitterFlyers, posters, social mediaContact Baileywww.baileyseitter.com/portfolioWomen's rights, LGBT rights
Maggie BignellFlyers, posters, social media, web front endContact Maggiemaggiebignell.comeducation, women's rights, equal rights, environment
Lauren MorrisFlyers, posters, social media, logosContact Laurenlaurenjmorris.com
Alex Baldwinflyers, posters, social media, web front and back endContact AlexBldwn.co
racial justice, lgbtq justice, policing alternatives, prison abolition, anti-capitalism
Aminah Jamilflyers, posters, social media, logosContact Aminahaminahjamil.com/graphic-designSocial justice, equality, design, coding, psychology, sociology, art
Won J YouLogos, web front endContact Won J Youwonjyou.com
Helping with causes for children, homelessness, and education
Shazflyers, posters, social media, logosContact ShazExamplesimmigrants' rights, women's rights, arts/culture/music, intersectionality, anti-poverty
Mohan Yinflyers, posters, social media, logosContact Mohanhttp://cargocollective.com/mohandesignsTechnology, education, Asian American issues
Tori BrovetFlyers, posters, social media, logosContact Toriflowerboxgreetings.comScience, Environment, Feminism, Education
Kris LouieFlyers, posters, social media, logosContact Kriswww.krislouie.comsocial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, POC representation
Katie MazikinsFlyers, posters, social media, logosContact Katiewww.mazikins.comEqual rights, women's rights, black lives matter, immigration/refugee support, LGTBQ rights, environment/climate change, fightin' the power
ChanningFlyers, posters, social media, logos, web front endContact Channingwww.channingritter.comHigh level strategy & brand positioning
Abdullah ShihiparFlyers, posters, social mediaContact Abdullahabshippy.com/design Social Justice, Racial Justice, Civil Rights, Economic Justice, Civil Rights, Education, Community Organizing
Tristan RodmanFlyers, posters, social media, logos, web front end AND back endContact Tristantristanrodman.commusic, lgbtq advocacy, youth organizing, education
Antonia CliffordFlyers, posters, social media, logosContact Antoniaexamples
graphic design, layouts and editing, social justice, mothers justice, foster care, youth, children. Supporting good work however needed.
Lily GrossbardFlyers, posters, logosContact LilyThe Blueshift Journal, Issue IV
The Blueshift Journal, Issue II
mental health care access, $15 minimum wage, LGBTQ issues, Jewish/Muslim solidarity
Ken FrederickFlyers, posters, logos, web front endContact Kenkennethfrederick.de
technology education, homeless, reproductive rights, addiction, anything for kids
Jessica KrcmarikFlyers, posters, social media, logosContact Jessicahttp://jessicakrcmarik.com
illustration, type design, print design
Megan DotyFlyers, posters, social media, logos, web front endContact Meganmegandoty.comFeminism, education, arts/culture, black lives matter, immigration, lgbt, environment, food equity
Patrick BrodeurFlyers, posters, social media, logos, web front endContact Patrickcashonly.io🎧
Jackie HahnFlyers, posters, social media, logosContact Jackiewww.jackiehahn.com
Animal Rights, Veganism, Racial Justice, LGBTQ, Feminism
Anna ReserFlyers, posters, social mediaContact Annahttp://cargocollective.com/annareser/3754371Reproductive rights, climate change, LGBTQIA rights, racial justice, socialism, science, arts and humanities
Linda CamilloFlyers, posters, social media, logos, web front endContact Linda http://lindabrammer.weebly.com/
Women's health and reproductive freedom, LGBTQ ally
John ShivelyFlyers, posters, social media, logosContact Johnhttps://www.behance.net/johnshivelyUrban systems, architecture, ecology, community organization, public health
KyemFlyers, posters, social media, logosContact Kyemhttps://www.behance.net/kyemasadesign
Social media, app design, print design (flyers, posters, business cards, and magazines)
Samia AhmedFlyers, posters, social media, logos, web front endContact Samiasamiaahmed.comcampaigns, intersectionality, prison reform. graphic design & illustration
Ariel CheungFlyers, posters, social media, logosContact Arielwww.arielcheung.net/designjournalism, social media, graphic design, reading
Rose GalloglyFlyers, posters, social media, logos, web front endContact Rosedesign.rosegallogly.com
Nora KerrichFlyers, posters, logos, web front endContact Norapeoplesmediacollection.org/about (the infographic)filmmaking, photography, education, unions
DanielFlyers, posters, social media, logos, web front & back endContact Daniel danyztov.comChildhood, environment, design, learning