Too Much Guidance

“Dear designer,
We’re doing a fundraiser. We need a flyer we can hand out, a poster we can put up, and separate graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. We want to include all of these details:

It’s on January 25th at Joe’s Bar (321 Main Street). It’s going from 8pm to 10pm, and it’s $15. Here’s a picture of the bar and a map, please use it. Also we’ve got The Really Awesome Band playing. We attached the exact photo we want you to use, I took it myself at their last show with my phone so it’s a little blurry and dark.

The night is 1980’s themed, so I want it to have a picture of a delorean, maybe with the special guest coming out of it? And put our logo on the roof of the car, and change the license plate to say PUBLIC ED. (We’ve got a special guest who will be speaking about public education. Her name is Dr. Soandso, her daughter texted me this picture).

Also please include photos of our organization’s founder, Ms. X, and the school that’s getting the money. And don’t forget to add our web site, and the date of our next event too. Please send each graphic to me ASAP and also forward it to my nephew who is studying graphic design so we can make revisions.”